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Check in is at 1:00 pm, check out is at Noon.

Quiet hours are 11:00 pm to 8:00 am

Drive super slow!

Don't use fire pits as trash cans (we will happily provide you with a garbage bag or two and there are dumpsters for your use near the entrance)

Dogs and other animals must be leashed at all times and please don't leave them at your site by themselves.

Clean up after your animals!

No Fireworks

No weapons

Clean up after yourself and be a nice neighborly camper! Don't cut through others sites, be quiet during quiet hours etc...

Cancellation Policy

14 days out, refund -10$ processing fee
14 days and less - 50% refund
No rain checks or credits
Leaving early? 50% refund before noon, no refund after noon.  Don't hesitate to call with questions!

We want to have a rocking party?!?!?!?!

Betsie River Campground is a quiet chill out kind of campground! Rockin' parties are best suited at a rockin' partying kind of campground!

Can we camp right on the Betsie River?!

Our camp is located in the Betsie River State Game Refuge. Approximately 400-420 swampy feet from the no. So it's accessible, but we wouldnt reccommend it for kiddos, and adults should go with caution

So why are you called Betsie River Campsite?

Well we didn't name it! We are right in the middle of the refuge, and its been here for 50 years! The river has moved and changed and we are ok with that!

Can we bring firewood from out of the camp?

No! Please dont transport firewood outside of your local area, here look at this, the state of Michigan has made it illegal to transport firewood! Buy it local! Save our forests!

How many folks can we have on a site?

4 , if you need to have more, get another site!

Why can we only have 4 on a site?

Its because we work really hard for this to be a quiet fun base camp and not a rave in Berlin. Believe us the limits per site make the whole place much better! Some exceptions can be made. so give us a call and we will figure it out.

Can we have more than one camper on a site?

Tents? Yep! Campers? Nope! We dont have the power available, if you have a camper you need your own site!

What do we need to bring for a stay in the Kamper Kabins?

You need, sheets, blankets and pillows! Some coffee grounds and filters, good cheer, etc etc

Can we have dogs?

Of course! We ask that you keep them leashed, clean up after them, and don't leave them alone at your site!

When do you open/close for the season?

We open when the ground thaws and we can turn the water on! It is the reverse for closing, once we have to shut the water off we shut down the camp! April-ish to October-ish....ish

So are you open in the spring or fall?!

Yes! To be completely honest it is the absolute best time to come, everything isn't as busy and its just as or more beautiful! Give us a call!

How far from the beach?

3 miles from Elberta Beach, 3 Miles from Frankfort Beach, both are fantastic! Frankfort beach is accessible by bike, or even a walk if you are up for it! There are TONS of beaches within driving distance!

How far from Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore?

10 miles to the first trail (old Indian Trail), 12 miles to Platte River, 24 miles to the visitors center and just a lil' past that is the dune climb! Once you are at the visitors center, grab a map!

Do you have sewer hookup/50 amp?

We don't! But we do have 30 amp and a dump station. We can recommend a few places that are 50 amp have great owners that are real close!

Wildlife in the camp?

We are in the middle of a wildlife refuge so be prepared to deal with critters sometimes! We haven't had a bear at the camp yet, but they have been sited on the bike trail! Keep food put away and trash cleaned up! Raccoons and skunks are also just a part of camping life!

Are there great places to eat nearby?

So many! Frankfort and Elberta both have great places to eat, and you are just 45 minutes from Traverse City!

Are you full for July 4th, labor day or memorial weekend?

We very well might be, check facebook or give us a call!

Will a boat fit on my site?

Yes! Well, in most cases yes. Most sites are 30 feet long, and wide enough to accommodate most fishing boats. Check individual yardage on the reservation page

Do you have a pool?

Laaaaakkkkeeeeeee Michigan! It is gigantic!

Rustic sites?

Nope all of our sites have either power, or power and water.

Up north weather?

This is Northern Michigan and we are 3 miles from the lake! Expect the weather to be fairly unpredictable, it could be perfect and gorgeous , it could be a monsoon and 8 foot swells on the lake. No rain checks!

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